Slay the Princess is a Lovecraftian Story-Driven Narrative Set to Debut at Steam Next Fest in October


Steam’s next Next Fest is quick approaching and will be crammed with great indies and other video games, many of which will be obtainable to play in demo kind forward of release. One such recreation that has sparked our curiosity is Slay the Princess, a self-styled Lovecraftian story-driven narrative title that takes cues from the likes of The Stanley Parable and Call of Cthulhu.

It’s exhausting to say at this level just what to expect aside from this demo is primed to be a good slice of the sport correct, and itself options seven distinctive endings. You can seize it here. (At the time of writing, we have not performed it.)

Here’s more on Slay the Princess from Black Tabby Games:

Slay the Princess is a cheeky horror tragicomedy that’s greatest described as a cross between The Stanley Parable and Call of Cthulhu. This choice-heavy game is slated for a full launch in the Summer of 2023. This means fans may have loads of time to play by way of the demo to get an concept of who the Princess is and whether or not or not they belief that she’s a risk to the entire world. Over the course of the total recreation, The Princess can take over a dozen varieties relying on the players’ selections. This means who the participant listens to, how they react to new data, and what they believe can all change how the story develops and, in the end, the method it ends.

Timeloops play a key position in Slay the Princess, as dying is way from the end of the player’s journey. The primary character will die so much, but with every demise comes new info, new voices in the player’s head, and a deeper relationship with the Princess. Whether this relationship is friendly or antagonistic, it all comes down to player selection. The Princess changes with each new loop, too. She would possibly appear to be an ordinary human at first or take the form of a towering demon or a writhing specter. All of the art in Slay the Princess is hand-illustrated by Ignatz award-winning horror graphic novelist Abby Howard, who’s acquired critical popularity of her visceral and unique monster designs.

So the artwork, description and overall presentation, which is definitely interesting grabbed us alongside the Lovecraftian tag.

Check out Slay the Princess and different video games from October 3 as a half of Steam Next Fest October.


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