How to lower your ping and improve online gaming


Online gaming can be great fun, however it can be frustrating if you’re dealing with high ping and lag instances. The final thing you want when taking half in an internet online game is lag. Unfortunately, lag and excessive ping rates are often unavoidable, which can put a serious damper in your fun and even ruin it completely. The good news, nonetheless, is that there are things you can do to lower your ping fee and reduce the quantity of lag you experience whereas playing online video games like League of Legends, Dota 2, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.


Whether you get pleasure from playing first-person shooters or multiplayer video games like League of Legends, having low ping can make all of the distinction between winning and dropping (or even getting annoyed to the point of giving up).


In this information, we’ll cover five other ways to get higher connection high quality and less lag when gaming online – it does not matter what game you play!


Use a Good Wi-Fi Router

If you wish to reduce your ping, you want to have a great router. A good router will give you a quick and dependable connection. If you’re using a wireless connection, be positive that the router isn’t too far out of your gaming console. You should also ensure that there are not any obstacles between the router and your console. If you employ an Ethernet cable, remember to plug it in instantly into the console quite than via a hub or swap. Keep in mind that upgrading your internet velocity might help reduce your ping as properly. And if all else fails, try switching to a wired connection. You could improve your Internet plan or get a new provider like Grande communications, which provides high-speed web that is perfect for online gaming.


A few extra tips for lowering your latency embrace:

– Make positive that different computers on the community aren’t downloading any giant files while you’re playing games

– Don’t play games while running different bandwidth intensive packages like streaming video or audio on YouTube

– Download games and updates before enjoying so they will not obtain during gameplay

– Resetting your modem: Power off or unplug the modem before turning it again on again after ready at least a minute. Then power it back up once more as quickly as it is plugged in.


Change Your WiFi Channel

Wireless connections are very susceptible to interference from other gadgets in your home (e.g., microwaves, cordless phones). These units could trigger a substantial lower in speed if they are using the same channel as your router. Changing channels (to either 1 or 11) will usually resolve these problems; nevertheless, it’s important to examine with your ISP before doing so as they could provide more optimal channels for you.


Check Your Video Card Drivers

If you are having trouble along with your ping, the very first thing you want to do is examine your video card drivers. Out-of-date drivers could cause all kinds of problems, including excessive ping. You can normally find the newest drivers on your video card on the manufacturer’s web site. Once you have downloaded and installed the new drivers, restart your pc and see if that fixes the problem.


Next, Update Windows: Make certain you have all Windows updates downloaded and put in by going to Windows Update in Control Panel. Sometimes an outdated driver or software conflict will affect your web connection. Update your wi-fi router firmware: Download the latest firmware from the router producer’s web site and comply with their directions for updating it.


Install Programs That Optimize Network Traffic

One method to lower your ping is to put in applications that optimize network visitors. Outfox is one example of a program that may do that. Outfox stabilizes your connection to forestall jitter, scale back lag, and lower ping. Not only does Outfox improve your gaming expertise, but it also works with any recreation. It will routinely analyze your web connection in real-time and optimize accordingly, so you don’t have to fret about manually configuring anything.


These packages have been utilized by skilled gamers all around the world who want the best on-line gaming expertise possible. So when you’re looking to improve ping and reduce lag, you then obtain one of these packages that optimize community traffic! You’ll be amazed at how significantly better your online gaming experience becomes.


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