Dungeon Defenders Awakened Update 1.05 Slashes Out for Pre-Episode 2 Patch 2 This September 22


Chromatic Games has launched Dungeon Defenders Awakened replace 1.05 and that is for the pre-episode 2 patch 2! This brings a host of balance changes and gameplay fixes. Read on for the complete Dungeon Defenders Awakened September 22 patch notes.

Dungeon Defenders Awakened Update 1.05 Patch Notes | Dungeon Defenders Awakened Pre-Episode 2 Patch 2 Patch Notes | Dungeon Defenders Awakened September 22 Patch Notes:

  • Tweaked Boss Accessories potential to match that of Lycan King Boss Accessories when dropping at the similar high quality.
  • Removed Dark Elf Warriors from Mixed Mode Randomization because of their enemy cap causing slow waves.
  • Non-rifted Woodland weapons now drop as act drops instead of as a boss reward to match how fusion variations drop.
  • Massacre waves should move faster than earlier than when there are much less enemies on the map.
  • Rifted Mix Mode ought to have less general enemies now to be closer to survival, this won’t be good because of the randomness of the Mixed Mode.
  • Siren’s Explosion no longer damages cores and caps out at 75% of defense health
    • Damage in opposition to heroes remains unchanged.
  • Fixed issue with Mixed mode boss accessories not dropping.
  • Fixed Various VFXs that weren’t being removed causing performance issues.
  • Fixed issue with Dark Elf Warriors getting stuck on Tornado Valley.
  • Fixed concern where players had obtained wave 1000+ unlocked on particular maps.

Source: Steam


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